We make complex things simple.

We focus on what matters and what makes a difference. We focus on the ultimate outcome. All the time.

We immediately identify key themes and focus on the "mountaintops," refining those themes as necessary when we learn more. We don't litigate for the sake of litigating. Our eye is toward trial, but without losing sight of summary judgement and settlement.

We approach discovery as a tool to help us understand the facts and make a convincing case at trial, not as an end to itself.

We win by showing the jury/judge the evidence, rather than telling them why they should come out our way. We help them reach the right decision on their own.

We use technology to find, filter, and present the key evidence. We use demonstratives and graphics to boil down the key concepts to a few memorable images, which become the anchors of our theory of the case.

We partner with our clients and any co-counsel as a unified team.

We establish ourselves with the judge and jury as the teacher, the reliable source of information. Our credibility is everything.

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