Our approach to fees is simple. We believe our interests should be aligned with our clients' interests. We think we should get paid more if we win and less if we lose.

We do not bill by the hour. A law firm should not get paid more the longer it takes it to do something. Our fees do not depend on how long we can spend on a task or how many lawyers we can keep busy—they depend on our success. We are willing to share the risk with our clients and bet on our ability to deliver success because we know our model works. For over 25 years we have leveraged our superior talent, experienced and dedicated teams, and innovative approach to achieve success.

We employ a variety of fee arrangements, including partial and pure contingency fees and flat monthly fees. We are flexible depending on our clients' needs. In all matters, our fees are fixed and certain, unlike the unpredictable hourly billing and the ever-changing and often-exceeded budgets provided by most firms.

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