We were recently named The American Lawyer 2022 "National Litigation Boutique of the Year" and recognized as the 2020 "Trial Firm of the Year" by Benchmark Litigation. In 2018, BTI named Bartlit Beck a "BTI Awesome Opponent" placing the firm among the top nine firms in the country that opposing general counsels fear the most. Many of our lawyers are also individually recognized by Chambers USA, Benchmark, and BTI. 

  • Bartlit Beck is Our Competitive Advantage

    "United Technologies' strong relationship with Bartlit Beck dates back to the firm's founding in 1993. Since then Bartlit Beck has been our lead trial counsel, handling virtually every single significant litigation matter we have had – with astonishing success! The firm has no peer in the departments of trial strategy, advocacy, productivity, speed, adaptability, and teamwork. Bartlit Beck works seamlessly and interchangeably with our in-house lawyers and with our other law firms. There is also never the need to specify which Bartlit Beck lawyers we would like assigned to our matters – because it doesn't matter as each and every lawyer at the firm is of the same unparalleled quality and temperament. Bartlit Beck is not just our trial counsel of choice – Bartlit Beck is our competitive advantage!"

    Charles D. Gill
    Former Executive Vice President and General Counsel 
    United Technologies

  • Smart, tough, creative and strategic thinkers

    "In 20 years as in-house counsel, I have overseen big time litigation on numerous occasions and have been privileged to work with some of the finest law firms and lawyers around the world. None of them has surpassed Bartlit Beck in terms of litigation skills. The lawyers at Bartlit Beck were smart, tough, creative and strategic thinkers. They not only impressed me, they impressed my Board of Directors and my CEO, and that's hard to do. We are not just another case to them, they care about us as people and they care about our business. They are part of the team and are willing to lay it all on the line when the stakes are the highest. They know how to take a case to trial and win. From the very first moment they take the case their focus is on how best to present the case to the judge and to the jury, the stuff that really matters when you're going to trial. Their litigation planning and execution is superb, their counsel pragmatic and on target, and their work ethic second to none."

    Sterling Miller
    Former Executive Vice President and General Counsel
    Sabre Holdings

  • Outstanding results in our most difficult matters

    "Bartlit Beck’s depth of exceptional legal talent, coupled with unparalleled experience, strategic thinking and technological sophistication has delivered outstanding results in our most difficult legal matters. They work seamlessly with our in-house lawyers, staff and business partners, and their trial preparation and courtroom skills are unmatched. They are our 'go-to' law firm in major cases, not only in Illinois, but across the country."

    Jennifer Sherman
    Chief Executive Officer (and former General Counsel)
    Federal Signal

  • Decisive, responsive, incredibly experienced

    "It is absolutely the best firm I’ve worked with – they are decisive, responsive, incredibly experienced and they groom their lawyers to be leaders. Their client service is excellent: they are efficient and always come to the client with solutions to complex problems."

    Chambers USA Client Quote

  • Bartlit Beck's approach is a breath of fresh air

    "Bartlit Beck's lawyers distinguish themselves by being more creative, more technology-savvy, more practical, and by being much better courtroom advocates. Bartlit Beck's approach to billing is a breath of fresh air . . . Bartlit Beck has consistently delivered. Any General Counsel with a significant litigation matter (so long as it's not against my company) would be derelict in not strongly considering Bartlit Beck."

    Russ Strobel
    Former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Put clients in a better position to win

    “They’re very flexible and able to react very quickly to new developments. They observe, orient, decide and act faster than the opponents and that usually puts the client in a better position to win. Bartlit Beck is by far the best litigation shop I have dealt with.”

    Chambers USA Client Quote

  • Tremendous credibility, excellent value

    "Outstanding strategic thinking and execution. Tremendous credibility with court. Deliver excellent value for fees charged."

    Ross F. Schmucki
    Former Corporate Counsel

  • Precisely how a case should be presented at trial

    "As I watched the Bartlit Beck team at trial, I could not have imagined a more focused and professional effort. Every cross-examination was crisp and cutting. Every witness we presented told a story and defended it calmly. This was precisely how a case should be presented in trial."

    Bill Brennan
    Former Vice President - General Counsel and Secretary

  • Truly understand the businesses they are working with

    "There are two things that in my mind differentiate Bartlit Beck: the constant, direct partner level attention to our transactions and the desire by their team to truly understand the businesses they are working with. I witnessed the Bartlit Beck team gain significant proficiency in new industries to guarantee the high level of service they are committed to delivering."

    Alex T. Krueger
    President and CEO (former Managing Director)
    First Reserve Corporation

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