Joe Smith Wins Major Victory for Toner Cartridge Recycling Industry


Joe Smith, Allison Freedman, Alison Wheeler and Jennifer Heisinger defeated printer giant Lexmark International, Inc. in a headline-grabbing patent infringement case brought by Lexmark in the Eastern District of Kentucky.  Lexmark accused Static Control Components, Inc., the world's leading supplier of replacement parts for laser printer toner cartridges, of inducing thousands of its customers to infringe more than 150 patent claims asserted by Lexmark.  After a six-week trial, the jury not only found that Static Control did not induce any patent infringement, but went on to find that Lexmark had misused its patents and engaged in anti-competitive behavior.  One commentator said "Lexmark must rue the day that it elected to sue" Static Control.  Another said the verdict crowned Static Control "as the champion of the aftermarket," re-establishing it as "the company that stepped up to the plate and fought all the way."

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