Bartlit and Beck Named Lead Lawyers in Election Contest


"Bartlit and Beck have one of the most innovative law firms in the country and they are amongst the two best litigators in the country."

Arthur Miller on Imus, syndicated radio, December 4, 2000 

Fred Bartlit and Phil Beck were selected to serve on the three-man trial team fielded by Governor George W. Bush in the Florida election contest before Judge N. Sanders Sauls.  Supporting Fred and Phil were three former U.S. Supreme Court clerks, currently Bartlit Beck partners, Shawn Fagan, Sean Gallagher and Glen Summers.

From The New York Times, Monday, December 4, 2000, page A18:

"Judge Sauls has given wide latitude to Phil Beck, a Chicago lawyer for the Bush team who wanders the courtroom as if it were his own living room and who somehow makes his every mention of 'the Gore legal team sound' as if he were referring to the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Hell's Angels."


More In the Press:

"Watching Phil Beck cross examine is like watching something get carved up with an Exacto knife."

Arthur Miller on MSNBC, December 2, 2000

"'To me, it proves that trials with witnesses and facts trump spin,' said another lawyer for Mr. Bush, Fred H. Bartlit. 'There's no spin in the courtroom. That's why the system is so good, because nobody can figure out what happened when it's all spin.  Then, when a judge goes through all the facts and they see the witnesses, they hear them, and they know who's believable and who's not, then they get it right.'"

New York Times, December 5, 2000, page A21

Video clips:  Download Flash Player if you cannot view the clip.

Clip 1:  Phil Beck's cross-examination of voting machine expert.

Clip 2:  Phil Beck's cross-examination of statistical expert.

Press Reviews:   Bartlit Beck's Role in the Presidential Election Trial (174KB)

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